Florida Publishers Association Round Table

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Tomorrow I will be the keynote speaker at the Florida Publishers Association (FPA) Round Table event near Tampa. The Round Table is part of FPA’s continuing efforts to provide valuable education and networking for its members. The sessions start at 10:30 in the morning and last until 5:00 p.m.

The concept is to have attendees gather around a variety of tables where they can ask whatever questions they have about book publishing. At each table will be a “resident expert” from the FPA board who will offer their thoughts on each question. Everyone at the table will be asked to add their input, too. So, in a lively discussion, a great deal of information sharing will occur to the benefit of all.

During the lunch hour break, I will talk about the value and importance of  being an active part of FPA, especially during these challenging economic times. This is the exact time that we should “circle our wagons” to help each other through the ups and downs that come with market fluctuations, mortgage failures, changing government focus and all the other challenges facing us.

The second part of my keynote will look at how the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) can provide additonal benefits that result in real dollar savings, enhanced book production and marketing, and a wealth of network oppportunities on a national level. Those firms and individuals who are members of both FPA and IBPA gain increased savings and education by utilizing the combined talents and services offered through a long list of valuable benefits.

I have personally gained from my membership in FPA and IBPA. I would not be where I am today if it were not for what I learned from these associations. And, as importantly, I have gained some incredible friends who are always ready to lend a hand whenever it is needed.

FPA and IBPA, a winning combination!


Earth Day 2009

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As a publisher dedicated to producing factual, accessible, and educational books about marine life, environmnet, and conservation, Ocean Publishing wants everyone to take a moment today to celebrate Earth Day. I’m not suggesting any particular activity, nor am I saying that everything the green movement has conjured up is right on.

What I’d like you to do is to stop what you’re doing, step outside, look around, and take a good, deep look at the nature that you see. Even in our largest cities there is plenty to behold, it just might take a little more effort.

Think about what you see. Think about how you feel about it. Do you enjoy the colors, the fragrances, the breeze, the soil, and all the other ingredients that make up our world? In this quiet time, can you imagine your life without the nature that is around you? What if it no longer existed?

In my mind, Earth Day is every day. Native Americans know this, and celebrate this every day. So, for me, today is no more special than every other day, except for the greater emphasis supplied by various organizations and the media, all with a stake in one position or another.

How about we make a simple pledge? I pledge today to make “earth day” every day for the rest of my life, and that means that I will respect nature and do whatever I believe is reaonable and right to help preserve and protect it.

Simple, right? Now, let’s go live it. The proof is in the doing.

Intern Day

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Today is a great day for Ocean Publishing. A new intern begins her association with us and she will be a major help at a time when we really need it.

Jill comes to us with a solid background in business practices and creative design. She has worked for both profit and non-profit organizations, and has a variety of skills that will fit in nicely with the our business model.

In return for her intern status, we will provide a wealth of information about book publishing and marketing and, because I am active in publishing associations, she will learn about the importance and benefit of those organizations for the industry.

Jill will gain a strong understanding of our industry as she provides talent in both our internal office workings and our creative programs. With her background in radio and film, she will help move us more toward fulfillment of a dream to have our Windrusher Trilogy of adventure fantasy books become the driving force of an animated film or TV series.

This is a great day that is just going to get better!

TEA Party – Palm Coast

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I have never been a demonstrator. Not ever. In the anti-war 60s I served in the military. In the 70s, 80s and 90s, I was building my businesses so I could have an exciting and fulfilling life after retirement. Today, April 15, 2009, I participated in a local protest against out of control government spending, outlandish debt, a stimulus bill that no one in Congress has read, and a government gone wild with spreading the wealth of hard working Americans.

I am proud that I, and thousands of other Americans across the country, took a stand against this federal government that clearly cares more about its socialist programs than it does about the futures of every American for the next 20 years or longer.

I pray that the movement that started today continues to gain momentum until we retake our federal government and place it in the hands of elected representatives who care more about America than they do about their personal lives and re-electability. As the famous movie line says, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”

With that statement and my established positions against immigration amnesty, federal dollars for abortions, rampant government spending, and debt sales to China, along with my prior military service, I am now on the Department of Homeland Security’s terrorist list. Imagine that!

Independent Publishing Membership Outreach

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On April 3rd I had the distinct pleasure and honor to speak to a group of publishing association executives from around the country. Gathered for a day and half retreat at the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, publishing representatives met to discuss how to improve their associations’ ability to serve membership during challenging economic times.

Sponsored and organized by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), the retreat is an annual event to assist IBPA’s affiliate association members to become more successful in their efforts to enhance the independent book publishing industry. Associations on hand included Arizona Book Publishing, Bay Area (CA) Independent Publishers, Colorida Independent Publishers, Hawaii Book Publishers, Independent Publishers of New England, Midwest Independent Publishers, New Mexico Book, Northern California Publishers & Authors, Northwest Association of Book Publishers, Publishers & Writers of San Diego, Publishers and Authors of Los Angeles, St. Louis Publishers, and Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network.

My talk Friday morning, titled “Now, More than Ever,” introduced the first IBPA membership outreach to the independent publishing industry and, specifically, what I believe our affiliate associations need to focus on to insure that we all are serving our members at the highest levels they need and desire. With the active participation of the group, the talk covered a range of subjects, from the importance of new member acquisition and current member retention, to what potential members really expect from associations. A heavy dose of how to utilize the Internet and social media opportunities to keep ourselves in front of members and potential members was added, with an outpouring of ideas from the audience.

To sum it up, I had the time of my life being with these dedicated and talented publishing professionals. I can’t help but feel that I came away from the meeting with far more ideas and information than I may have left with them!

A Quality Book Proposal

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All traditional publishers, you know, the ones who spend their own money and not the author’s to make and market books, are inundated with book proposals of all types. Most of them are not very good. In fact, most of them shouldn’t even have had postage put on their envelopes.

After looking at hundreds of book proposals, I just had the distinct pleasure of reading what I would call a professional offering that looked good, read well, and presented significant justification for its consideration. What a concept!

The writer comes from the professional world, but is not a published author. He clearly knows his proposed subject, has relevant credentials, and has written a clear and compelling  proposal that makes me want to know and read more. In other words, he’s done his job to perfection. If only I could get the hundreds of others who send me stuff to do the same! Now, I’m about to ask for his entire manuscript, and I look forward to reading it. Finally, that needle in the haystack has been found.

Marine Life Series

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Our “Marine Life Series” of nonfiction books is in production now, with three books underway. Sea Turtles at Risk , scheduled for a June 1, 2009 release, will examine the natural and human threats to loggerheads, greens, leatherbacks, Kemp’s ridleys, and hawksbills. Emphasis will focus on the role citizen volunteers play in helping to protect and preserve sea turtles, with special attention on the Volusia-Flagler Turtle Patrol in Florida.

The next two titles in the “Marine Life Series” will focus on North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) and bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), again with examination of volunteer efforts for both species.

Subsequent books in the Series will feature sharks, rays, manatees, jellyfish, crustaceans and other sea creatures, all presented with color photographs and in understandable and vivid terms suitable for both adult and young adult readers.

Our expectation is that our “Marine Life Series” will become the foundation for all those who seek a clear understanding of the oceans,  the roles played by all species, and the importance of their protection for the future.

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