Nor’easter Becomes Sou’easter

May 22, 2009 at 6:18 pm | Posted in Nature, Perspective | Comments Off on Nor’easter Becomes Sou’easter

What a week! What started as a nor’easter has turned into what I’m now calling a sou’easter. The winds shifted out of the northeast around to the southeast, and more storm cells of heavy rain and lightning keep heading on shore, all coming up the Atlantic coast from south Florida.

I’ve lived along the coast for a long time and I’ve seen lots of weird weather, but this week’s events are among the most unusual, even for Florida. Rainfall amounts have been from just over 15 inches along the coast to 28 inches inland. What was a high fire season has turned into a high flood season.

This is the fifth day of rain and wind. Business owners were complaining that business was terrible before the storm, blaming everyone from the President to Congress to Wall Street and beyond. Now, after five days of torrential rain and 25-35 knot winds, they simply have folded up and gone home until the famed Florida sun decides to re-appear.

Just when I thought I could stop work on the ark I started Tuesday, more bands of driving rain washed across the dunes. I just might go back to figuring out what a cubit means in inches so I make sure the ark is built to historical proportions.


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