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With daylight fading fast on the last business day before Publishing University, I am racing around getting last minute things done in the office so I can be reasonably assured that the world (my small press world, at least) won’t fall apart while I am in NYC next week. Easier said than done!

With the added confusion caused by five storm days (see posts below), this week has been full of canceled meetings, interrupted power, drenched and re-drenched clothes, and an overall combination of weirdness that is more unusual than most days in the unusual state of Florida.

I am so excited about this year’s Publishing University that I wish it started today. Of course, I would be farther behind in getting ready than I am now, but that’s OK. This is a challenging time for all businesses, but especially my business of book publishing. People buy my type of books because they want to, not because they have to. This often means they are using discretionary income and, right now, that’s a commodity that is increasingly difficult to find.

This is exactly the time that publishers, especially those like me who own their own publishing houses, should be going to conferences, seminars, workshops and, yes, Publishing University. Conducted by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), comprised of 3500 independent publishers and others serving that part of the industry, Publishing University is the premier educational event historically held annually just prior to BookExpo America.

I am anxious to attend Publishing University this year because there are several courses I must hear, plus I am going to conduct interviews with some “heavy hitters” from the independent publishing world for my radio show. Of course, another reason I’m pumped is I am the membership chair for IBPA and I want to thank members I see and encourage non-members to sign on to the best source of education, networking and support available in the country.

A last, and no less important, reason I’m excited about going to Publishing University is that I will be able to visit with great friends who I have met through IBPA. Former and current board members with whom I have served, fabulous staff who give their all to help our members, and just a lot of other super people who share a love for independent book publishing.

I wish it started today!


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