Whose side are you on, anyway?

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Over the past few years, there has been a steadily growing centerpiece for discussion in the book industry: e-books. We at Ocean Publishing have recently mulled over the good, bad, and ugly of the e-book.

The e-book industry has revolutionized the way we read. Some of us, that is. As a whole, we’re not sure whether we’re ready to diverge from the sensation of cracking open a classic Mark Twain novel, from the tangibility of actually smelling the ink-pressed leaf print, or from the fantasy that we’re still in the 20th Century, but let’s face it, as society advances and the smart get smarter, so does our technology. Until the generations of Poe readers and Picasso aficionados wither away, we will never find ourselves in a one sided debate where e-books are the victors.

Picture a world like Fahrenheit 451 where people who own books are ostracized from society, but instead of a 190 page paperback book, imagine these 25 year old social media utilizing outcasts clinging to a 4″x10″ piece of plastic. Their naysayers are 75 year old, spectacle wearing humanitarians with a burning passion for Dan Brown. A battle erupts, napalm flies, on-the-fence non readers sit back and watch as each side of the literary world rips itself apart to outlast the other. What are we left with?

Both. They’re both still here. Neither side was dominant over the other because they’ve outwitted each other. The print- lovers power of finite scripture allow their books to resist the tests of time, while the e-warriors’ glare free screen allows them to read in any light, and their lightning-quick wi fi makes downloading Huckleberry Finn pain-free.

With my long-winded metaphor out of the way, I can now further emphasize the complete standstill in which we find ourselves. Allow me to introduce the pros and cons of being an e-book subscriber, along with a few statistics:

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