Sorting Through the Masses

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Based off numbers gathered in 2009, nearly 1 million books are published each year in the United States, which includes both new titles and new editions, and that number is rising. It is estimated that a new fiction novel is published every 30 minutes. So what does this mean for the future of writers, publishers, and reviewers?

For would-be novelists, it means that they will find that if they do get published, it will be harder than ever to turn a profit or even have their possibly brilliant story looked at by the right editor who is willing to put in the effort to make their book a success. I give you another sobering statistic for hopeful writers: 93% of books published each year sell less than 1,000 copies. For authors, are better chances at being published eventually canceled out by the likelihood that their books will get lost in the crowd?

For publishers, with the enormous daily number of hopeful manuscripts, our job either becomes much more exciting, or much more painful. Any publisher will tell you, they have no desire to decrease the number of terrific books that they produce, and none of them will hope to put out downright bad ones. So that leaves a whole heap of mediocre, yeah its a fine story but I don’t know if it will sell, kind of books. That’s where the job gets tough for both corporate and independent publishers: how do we sort through the just plain average, and how many books are too many?

As for reviewers, you can look at their role same as you would the publishers. With a rapid increase in the number of books on shelves each year, they will either love their new found schedule of numerous reviews a day, or they will sink in the oblivion of stacks upon stacks of manuscripts.

Ultimately, for corporate groups, it seems that their success relies on authors that readers have become familiar with, that they are comfortable reading. For independents like Ocean, success comes from taking the right risk on the right manuscript at the right time.

Amid this growing number of hopeful writers, Ocean can proudly say and boldly hope that we are taking and continue to take the right risks to bring you the best books on nature and conservation efforts.

Tyler Rice, Intern


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