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Today I needed to meet with the sales director of the radio station for which I will be broadcasting a talk radio program starting Saturday, June 13th. I met him at The Golden Lion, an oceanside restaurant near my office, where he was hanging a promotional banner for his new music station.  Terry Turner, WNZF, and Tony Marlow, restaurant proprietor and longtime friend, chatted with me about my upcoming show and Tony’s radio promotions.

I had lots of questions for Terry about the radio production process, scheduling, and sponsorship. We discovered that we liked fishing and the same music, plus I learned he worked with Glenn Beck way back when Beck was a very different character than his current radio & TV personna.

Tony promised me for about the 20th time in 10 years that he was going to drag out that 78,000 word manuscript he wrote years ago and give it to me to critique. For the 20th time I told him to do it and I’d actually read it or give it to someone more experienced with fiction than I. Once again, he promised to do it. I laughed and told him he was a closet writer who was afraid to have his work criticized. He didn’t disagree. Maybe this time will be different.

This meeting proved once again the power of serendipity. My life has had several powerful moments when good people came together to advance me and my activities, and today was another demonstration of how this works. I left the meeting energized and excited about the future. Thank you Terry and Tony.


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