A Quality Book Proposal

April 10, 2009 at 6:58 am | Posted in Book Publishing | Comments Off on A Quality Book Proposal
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All traditional publishers, you know, the ones who spend their own money and not the author’s to make and market books, are inundated with book proposals of all types. Most of them are not very good. In fact, most of them shouldn’t even have had postage put on their envelopes.

After looking at hundreds of book proposals, I just had the distinct pleasure of reading what I would call a professional offering that looked good, read well, and presented significant justification for its consideration. What a concept!

The writer comes from the professional world, but is not a published author. He clearly knows his proposed subject, has relevant credentials, and has written a clear and compelling  proposal that makes me want to know and read more. In other words, he’s done his job to perfection. If only I could get the hundreds of others who send me stuff to do the same! Now, I’m about to ask for his entire manuscript, and I look forward to reading it. Finally, that needle in the haystack has been found.


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