Nor’easter in Town

May 20, 2009 at 7:18 am | Posted in Nature | Comments Off on Nor’easter in Town
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Today is day three of a powerful Nor’easter, that swirling, windy, rainy kind of storm that comes in off the ocean and lasts for three days, sometimes four. I live on the coast of a barrier island and experiencing a nor’easter from my home is a fascinating opportunity.

So far 8 inches of rain but no wind damage that I’ve seen along the coast. Waves driven high up on the beach are taking their usual toll of moving tons of sand and re-arranging some of the dunes. I’m wondering about the new sea turtle nests and their likely survival.

Weather forecasts show continuing 6-10 foot seas and steady winds of 20-25 mph, gusting higher. Thunderstorms are offshore, with slight movement toward the coast today. So, it’s going to be pretty much another day of inside activities and catching up on administrative tasks.

Just another beautiful day in paradise — without the sun. But, the good news is the drought conditions that prevailed earlier are now only a note in history.


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