It’s Alive! It’s Alive!!!

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The Ocean Publishing blog, that is. We realize that we’ve been a little more than remiss in keeping up with regular posts on here but things are going to change–starting… now!

Starting now, the OP blog is made alive again. We’ll be posting one or more times a week, writing about topics that range from environment/conservation, publishing industry trends, and then stuff that’s more about us, like Cover to Cover radio show updates and Ocean Publishing news.

A lot of stuff has been happening lately and we can’t wait to share it all with you in future posts. In the meantime, one thing to definitely keep an eye out for the launch of an all-new Cover to Cover site. Getting up a comprehensive central hub for Frank’s books/publishing-based radio show is incredibly overdue but the site we’re cooking up is sleek and modern and coming out great. We’ll let you know when it’s finally live and we look forward to hearing your feedback for this and every topic we pose in the forum.

Good to be back, folks. We’re excited about getting back to the swing of things and hope that you keep coming back for discussions with us.


Radio Show Builds An Audience

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Now that I’ve finished seven broadcasts of my radio show “Cover to Cover,” I’m hearing from folks across the country who say they have been listening in each Saturday. People as far away as California and Colorado have written in to comment about the show. Folks closer to my home base of Florida have also said they like the combination of information about books and book publishing. Some like the humor I try to blend in and others report the interviews with authors, publishers, marketers, and others have been really informative.

So far, guests on the show have been authors Steve Berry and Victor DiGenti, publishers Rudy Shur and Rod Colvin, book marketer Brian Jud, and social media expert Deltina Hay. My guests for the next four weeks will be intellectual property attorney Lloyd Jassin, publisher Tom Tolnay, media sensation Cynthia Brian, and IBPA’s new leader Carlene Sippola.

Anyone interested in books and book publishing should tune in every Saturday morning on the Net at at 11:30 ET/8:30 PT for loads of information, news, and fun. Those who have a guest or subject idea should email me at

It’s Official! Radio Show is Scheduled!

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Well, I am signed on to do a talk radio show about books and book publishing to begin broadcasting on June 13, 2009. I am both excited and slightly nervous.

Broadcasting every Saturday morning at 11:30 Eastern/8:30 Pacfic, “Cover to Cover” will be heard simultaneously in northeast Florida on 1550 AM and 106.3 FM, and streaming worldwide on the Net at

“Cover to Cover” will focus on a wide variety of topics dealing with books, such as bestseller lists, what genres are hot and what’s not, up and coming authors, and everything in between. Also, because of my publishing house, Ocean Publishing, I will concentrate on how books are produced and marketed, including all kinds of topics ranging from manuscript writing and submission, book design, printing, distribution, sales, reviews, and so much more.

Because I have been fortunate to have met and worked with some of the top publishing executives in the business, I will have them on as guests to talk about their respective specialties. Planned guests will be authors, publishers, reviewers, association execs, buyers, distributors and wholesalers, editors, illustrators, printers, sales reps, and others.

So, if you’re interested in anything to do with books, and especially how they are made and marketed, plan to tune in each week whenever “Cover to Cover” plays in your neck of the woods. If you have subjects you’d like to have discussed, leave a comment at this blog or send me an email at and I’ll consider it.

As June 13th gets closer I’ll update about the program, it’s broadcast times, and what topics will come up on the first shows. Stay tuned!

Florida Publishers Association Round Table

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Tomorrow I will be the keynote speaker at the Florida Publishers Association (FPA) Round Table event near Tampa. The Round Table is part of FPA’s continuing efforts to provide valuable education and networking for its members. The sessions start at 10:30 in the morning and last until 5:00 p.m.

The concept is to have attendees gather around a variety of tables where they can ask whatever questions they have about book publishing. At each table will be a “resident expert” from the FPA board who will offer their thoughts on each question. Everyone at the table will be asked to add their input, too. So, in a lively discussion, a great deal of information sharing will occur to the benefit of all.

During the lunch hour break, I will talk about the value and importance of  being an active part of FPA, especially during these challenging economic times. This is the exact time that we should “circle our wagons” to help each other through the ups and downs that come with market fluctuations, mortgage failures, changing government focus and all the other challenges facing us.

The second part of my keynote will look at how the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) can provide additonal benefits that result in real dollar savings, enhanced book production and marketing, and a wealth of network oppportunities on a national level. Those firms and individuals who are members of both FPA and IBPA gain increased savings and education by utilizing the combined talents and services offered through a long list of valuable benefits.

I have personally gained from my membership in FPA and IBPA. I would not be where I am today if it were not for what I learned from these associations. And, as importantly, I have gained some incredible friends who are always ready to lend a hand whenever it is needed.

FPA and IBPA, a winning combination!

Intern Day

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Today is a great day for Ocean Publishing. A new intern begins her association with us and she will be a major help at a time when we really need it.

Jill comes to us with a solid background in business practices and creative design. She has worked for both profit and non-profit organizations, and has a variety of skills that will fit in nicely with the our business model.

In return for her intern status, we will provide a wealth of information about book publishing and marketing and, because I am active in publishing associations, she will learn about the importance and benefit of those organizations for the industry.

Jill will gain a strong understanding of our industry as she provides talent in both our internal office workings and our creative programs. With her background in radio and film, she will help move us more toward fulfillment of a dream to have our Windrusher Trilogy of adventure fantasy books become the driving force of an animated film or TV series.

This is a great day that is just going to get better!

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